Cirien Saadeh | Prescott College

Cirien Saadeh

Academic Statement

Cirien Saadeh is a journalist, educator, community organizer, and doctoral student who works at the intersections of journalism, social movements, experiential education, and sustainability. Saadeh is an Arab-American woman of color who has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade and was trained as a community organizer by the former Organizing Apprenticeship Project (now Voices for Racial Justice). She has written for local, national, and international publications and is committed to using journalism as a tool in the pursuit of justice for all historically disenfranchised communities. Saadeh is an experienced food justice organizer, who has also organized around tenant rights, transit equity, and immigrant justice. As a Ph.D. student at Arizona’s Prescott College, Saadeh is developing “journalism of color,” a new type of journalism practice which includes a community-based journalism curriculum, as well as a cooperative journalism model.