Kendra Surmitis | Prescott College

Kendra Surmitis

Ph.D., LPC
Academic Statement

Kendra A. Surmitis, Ph.D., LPC is an associate faculty member for the counseling program at Prescott College. Before joining Prescott’s counseling program in 2018, she served as a counselor educator and professional counselor with emphases on social justice, mindfulness, and wellness. Her training began at Xavier University, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in community counseling. She then completed her doctoral degree at the College of William & Mary in 2014, where she focused on counselor education, supervision, and college student mental health. Her clinical and research interests include self-authorship, mindfulness, self-injury, and psychoanalytic approaches to psychotherapy. Kendra has several years of clinical experience, serving a broad range of clinical populations including women and children in crisis, those suffering with substance use disorders, college students, and incarcerated women living with dual mental health diagnoses. Kendra serves on faculty, coordinates admissions efforts for the counseling program, teaches yoga, and owns a private counseling practice in North Carolina where she treats adults and couples with mental health related issues. Currently, she resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband, Alex, and their two cats, Frasier and Daphne. Hiking, camping, and aviation compliment her professional aspirations as a professional counselor and counselor educator. 


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